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Sunrise or Sunset?  I prefer new beginnings.

Sunrise or Sunset? I prefer new beginnings.

Sandra Spivey is a retired human resource professional residing in California who spends her time volunteering at the local animal shelter, serving as a consumer reviewer for breast cancer research proposals and mentoring those with metastatic breast cancer.  Living with stage IV cancer since 1998, she shares her insights riding the roller coaster world of a survivor.

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Sandy….. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your letter to Research Doctors. You hit the nail on the head so many times within this letter. It inspires ME to do more. I am involved with ACS as a committee member for Relay for Life, but I will further check to see how I might participate as a patient advocate with input for determining how research dollars can be spent. I’m forwarding you some info. which I received today from ACS. I truly admire you Sandy & hold you in my daily prayers…. With love & blessings, Gerry

  2. I would love to connect with Sandy. Your story is helping me right this minute. I have been living with MBC since July 2013, bones only. ER+ PR- HER2+
    I had a couple years of remission, but returned almost 3 years ago. Still bone only so far. I want to do more to help like you have. I’m in Northern Ca bear SF. I have 3 adult children and one 8 year old son. I am 45.

  3. Hi Dawn, I am a new follower of Sandy and met her at a recent conference at the City of Hope. What regiment are you currently on and how is treatment going? I’ve been living with MBC, also bone, since 2017. If you can arrange to be in the area, there’s going to be a Metastatic Breast Cancer Conference at UC Irvine on March 30, 2019. Sandy will be giving her Testimonial and is a Conference Chair, for Susan G. Komen Advocates in Science Committee. You can find out more about it at: komenoc.org/metsconference. Take care, Elaine

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